Solo Square Dance


Solo Square Dance
by Nic Gareiss

Sat 3rd Feb | 17:30 | Middle Parish Community Centre

Runtime: 60min

Solo Square Dance is a one-person percussive dance performance created and performed by Nic Gareiss commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Irish Dance Halls Act which banned citizens from dancing in homes. This 60-minute show features new pieces inspired by this and other such dance bans in Ireland and North America, including the Elmore City, Oklahoma dancing ban that inspired the film Footloose and the most recently lifted dancing ban in Pound, Virginia (only lifted in 1999!) which required that dancing permits not be granted “to anyone who is not a proper person, nor to a person who is not a person of good moral character.” Set in houses, Solo Square Dance uses traditional and original step dance movement from Ireland, Canada, and Appalachia to explore the dialectic of public/private life, probing the subversive power of dancing+sounding bodies. The show begs the question: in light of its historic prohibitions, can dance act as a vehicle of transgression, liberation, and social transformation for our times?