This is a Musical


This is a Musical
by Karol Tyminski

Sat 3rd Feb | 20:00 | TDC, Triskel Arts Centre

Runtime: 60min

In Karol Tyminski’s latest work “This is a musical”, the production of a visceral discordant and deeply queer electronic fantasy is built with a laboring body. Tyminski’s body is the instrument for the sample, the electronic music he wields comes into being through a brutal choreography, the musical is a layered archive of the bodies desire, a composition of spliced time where a history of actions that unfold in space continue to sing with deep resonance moving towards further hypnosis. The performer oscillates between tenderness and brutalism creating a beat scape that evolves towards a massive trance like possibility space of madness and pleasure. This borderline body on stage is in rapture, he is the keeper of a threshold, he is methodically edging the audience in the direction of the ecstatic.

chor. perf. Karol Tyminski
music. Michal Laszkiewicz (Gradual)
light. Jan Cybis
text. Karol Tyminski
video. Michal Andrysiak
video perf. Jeremy Wade
voice. Malgorzata Neumann

coprod. Open Latitudes, Instytut Sztuk Performatywnych support. Tanzfabrik Berlin, Center in Motion Choreographers Workspace,

The presentation organised in partnership with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, acting under its flagship brand