Esther Rodriguez-Barbero: Beats & Sweat


Esther Rodriguez-Barbero: Beats & sweat (Tribute to Sir Henry’s)

Fri 8th Feb | 19:00 | Dali

Fri 8th Feb | 19:30 | Dali

Fri 8th Feb | 20:00 | Dali

Fri 8th Feb | 20:30 | Dali

Beat & Sweat is a moving tribute to a place that is not (t)here anymore. A performative environment built from stories that remain, stories that travel in time. It is about getting there, the path that people used to follow, to Sir Henry’s, to the club.

Queue, open the door, pass the bouncers, pay the fee, walk up the stairs, listen to the music from far away, as an echo, in the dark, with the beats as vibrations, not knowing what you are gonna find, maybe feeling that something big is happening there at the other side of the door up ahead.

Spanish architect-choreographer Esther Rodriguez-Barbero in collaboration with Stevie G invite the memories and the anticipation to flood the stairs Sir Henry’s once more. The stairs are recalled from the memories of those that went there, as a symbol of many nights, many parties, many dances; as the antechamber, the moment just before the event already beating beyond the door.

Beat & Sweat (a tribute to Sir Henry’s) is supported by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)

Esther Rodríguez-Barbero (Madrid, 1984)

Performer, choreographer, architect and researcher in the arts. Specialized in contemporary dance together with architectural studies (ETSA Valladolid), she achieved a Master in Performing Arts Practice and Visual Culture by the UCLM in collaboration with the Reina Sofía Museum. Her work operates in-between choreography, performance and architecture, using principles from these disciplines to design artistic and social practices. Her trajectory crosses different contexts activated by using operations of displacement to think about body presence and spatial relations. Lately she designs spatial practices through which the audience can experience alternative ways of engagement with specific places and the elements that are present in daily life routines. By rethinking habits and behaviours she proposes choreographic approaches in order to expand the performative space. She is currently developing an artistic research in a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies) with the project Guided Tour.