Common Ground


Common Ground

Talking over a common ground is a series of lunchtime talks organized by the Common Ground project and Quarter Block Party. For over four days, they will explore the potential intersections of urban planning, socially engaged art and local citizen-led initiatives.

Wednesday 1pm @ St.Peters – Parachute Strategies
This talk will open a larger discussion about artistic ‘parachute strategies’ – interventions, one off events or remote practices, serving as an introduction to both the series of talks and the Common Ground research programme. How can the different rhythms and timelines of artists and locals, festivals and the organisations that are active year round come together? What are the benefits and challenges of urban acupuncture?
Panel: Dr. Niamh NicGhabhann – Course Director, UL Festive Arts; Kathryn Maguire – artist; Siobhan Clancy – artist

Thursday 1pm @ St.Peters – Understanding the local
How do we articulate our feelings or needs about how we live in an urban space? How do emotions shape our urban environment? What is the agency of the built environment on our everyday lived experience? What are possible other modes of sensing or knowing the places we inhabit? This discussion is the start of a research project by Quarter Block Party curators Ruairi Donovan and Eszter Némethi and coreographer Rionach Ni Neill exploring body and dance-based practices engaging audiences in the perception and use of the Shandon area.  
Panel: Eve Olney – ethnographer & artist, Rionach Ni Neill – curator/coreographer

Friday 5.30pm @ St.Peters – Planning a Street
Following the launch of Mad About Cork’s exhibition at St. Peters, this discussion will have a specific focus on the planning and development strategies of North Main Street and the role of artists and local activism within this process.
Panel: Dr. William Brady – Head of Department, UCC Planning Department, Erin O’Brien – Executive Planner, Cork City Council; Caoilian Sherlock – Festival Manager, Quarter Block Party/Office of Good Ideas

Saturday 1pm @ St.Peters – Talking from the outside
The Common Ground project brings together 20 artists, urbanists, youth and social workers in this talk, originating from six countries and already working with local communities. In the casual format of a ‘living library’, they will reflect on the role of the outsider, their own various practices and their first impressions on Cork’s Historic Spine.

COMMON GROUND is a training and research project, bringing together artists and those active in the social fields to develop strategies, explore methodologies within the broader frame of socially engaged art. Over the course of a year, this project will allow the group to explore ‘parachute strategies’ – interventions, one off events or remote practices – in order to engage with local communities within the international and migratory contexts they often find themselves in.

The project, developed by six European partner organisations active on this field, will ‘twin’ North Main Street and Népszínház utca in Budapest, Hungary and will result in a publication of a book and a specific programme of events as part of QBP19.

Common Ground is funded by the European Commission through Erasmus+
Understanding the Local is part of a research project funded by the Arts Council through an Engaging Architecture research and development grant.