Cork – Budapest Mapping (E)motional Patterns


Cork – Budapest Mapping (E)motional Patterns

Sun 10th Feb | 19:00 | Cummins Sports

A participatory mapping process in which residents of North Main Street will be invited to contribute their feelings, thoughts and stories related to the street.

Based in a shopfront the artists will open their work in progress to the public and develop the the map and the video documentary in cooperation with the public over the period of the festival. [title] is a continuation of a similar project on Népszínház Street, Budapest a similar street in a different context (or a different street in a similar context if you look at it from another side) and together with passerbys, residents and traders we aim to find parallels between the two.

A video documentary resulting from this investigation will be projected on the Cummins Sport facade on Sunday evening.

Artists: Helen O’Keeffe / Leah Kate Corbett / Nuno Vasconselos/ Catarina Rebelo / Spyros Tsiknas

Cork – Budapest Connecting (E)motional Patterns was developed as part of the Common Ground supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.