Ghost King is Dead


Ghost King is Dead

Sat 9th Feb | Time TBA | Coughlans Bar

Ghostking is Dead is the project of Cork-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Matt Corrigan, which has been celebrated for it’s vivid soundscapes and intriguing sonic themes. The project began at 16, changing and growing until it finally found its true name and shape. GKID now finds itself at a point of maturity and aimed towards a bright future, marked by victory at the annual Intervarsities Battle of The Bands and the release of much-commended projects ‘Sweet Boy’ and ‘This is Doubt’.

Matt took on a live band in 2018, quickly becoming one of the most commended live acts in Cork City, going on to play ‘It Takes A Village 2018’. The combination of electronic and real instruments brings across the varied and colorful nature of the records, communicating the hybrid sounds of hip-hop, electronica, indie rock, and jazz.

“Then Corrigan began to sing, and if you haven’t heard Ghostking is Dead before, that bellowing voice will blow you away the first time you hear it.”

“The single confirms Ghostkingisdead doesn’t do limitations, and is very comfortable at strafing across a multitude of styles and sounds with uncanny ease.” -REMY, on ‘Tokyo’

“‘This Is Doubt’ is a unique collection of enthralling and enchanting tracks filled with rich rhythms, deep meanings and expressive vocals. There is something quite mesmerising about each track.” – Indie Buddie

“As technically accomplished as you’d expect from a musical prodigy, with a bone-dry sense of humour to boot.”

“Taking cues from The Antlers, Mac DeMarco, and Bowie, the E.P. is a look down the rabbit hole of Corrigan’s musical and thematic eccentricities” -Nialler9, on ‘Sweet Boy’

“It’s bright but it’s mirthless, starry-eyed but disillusioned, laidback but unsettled.” -MOTLEY