History & Nature Tour
Darragh Murphy
FRI 2pm & 4pm
SAT 11am, 1pm & 3pm
SUN 2pm & 4pm
FREE (sign up through box office necessary, email for more info)

In two types of tours over the weekend, Darragh Murphy will describe the numerous interactions in the city’s streets, buildings, wildlife & people.

Please note this is an outdoor event, dress appropriately and wear comfortable shoes. In case of rain the tours will still go ahead, please bring an umbrella.

Friday & Saturday will host The Nature & History Tours. Over the past c.900 years, Cork’s land and water has been altered to accommodate ever-changing & ever-varied purposes. Through changes in the city’s cultural and commercial fabric, the plants and animals that inhabit the streets, buildings and quay walls have adjusted in kind. This tour will ascribe the historical context to the urban habitats utilised by the city’s many species.

On Sunday the Wildlife in the Walls tour will reveal the biodiversity of the city’s streets, hollows & hidden spaces. From the city’s stones, numerous species of plant, moss, fungus & animal hunt, hide, feed and thrive. By getting up close & looking a little closer, this tour will show the life that blooms in obscure places.’