Kate O’Shea

Celebrates the power of food to bring people together. Group cooking, eating together, community-discussion about food, art and our street

Building on the community that has already come together during 2016 at Sample Studios, Volxküche invites the community of North Main Street to get involved in all aspects of this celebration of food, conversation and performance.

The morning will start at 9am with a Yoga and Mindfulness session. This will be followed by food preparation where people are invited to get involved in the cooking and food prep for the gathering. Food will then be served at 1pm. This will be followed by performances from some of the Quarter Block Party musicians and the showing of ‘Shop Around the Corner’ a 20-minute documentary of the street by last year’s Quarter Block Party artist Daria Akimenko.

Set up by Sample Studio members Kate O’ Shea and Darren Kirwan in May 2016 as a monthly event, VOLXKÜCHE was started with the intention of creating a social, non-commercial space at Sample Studios for people to come together and build community with food as the facilitator/fulcrum for conversation and ideas.

Kate O’ Shea is a visual artist and community activist. She is currently doing an MA in Printmaking and Anarchist theory and practise in Limerick School of Art and Design. Until Sep 2016 she was based in Sample Studios in Cork city. A recent graduate of Printmaking & Contemporary Practice in LSAD, O’ Shea received a 12-month Bursary Award for Cork Printmakers.

If you would like to get involved with the cooking or preparations on the day or to find out more please contact Kate at nomart@live.com