€10 venue pass (includes Le Boom, Oose & Myles Manley)

Wastefellow is a producer and vocalist from Dublin. He sings over beats stitched together from a grab bag of influences, Fly Lo to Tim Hecker, Teklife to Sunn O))).
He released his debut EP “Amazed, A Maze!” in May 2016, a record about feeling trapped in a loop, and the experiences which break that cycle. This concept is the backbone of the record, lyrically and sonically, with tracks formed from distorting familiar sounds and samples until they take on entirely new shapes. With the video for lead single “Wonder”, director Conor Donoghue took this process of distorting the familiar to a new level. datamoshing footage to create a hazey digital landscape out of Dublin’s familiar streets.
Since the release of his debut, Wastefellow has grown a strong following with his live AV show, where delicate melodies soar above fractured beats and walls of bass, all set against a backdrop of melting footage and shifting colours.