No Kissin’ Ensemble: Underground


No Kissin’ Ensemble: Underground

Sat 9th Feb | 21:00 | The Unitarian Church, Princes Street


Underground is a ritual of theatre for today’s world. A modern ritual summoning and sealing everyday fears of dissolution and isolation. Together we cast forth the inner demons of the individual, interdependence and globalisation. This is our chance to partake, to regain control and to relinquish their hold.

Our ensemble will help cultivate your power through music & sound with easy to play instruments. All levels of musical skill will be of use to help cast away the deadly spirits.

Beginners have the upper hand! Together we’ll use our voice and with a ruckus seal away the shadows.

The demons will embody scenarios of movement and language, of characters and creatures. We will create a theatre, a spectacle to reflect ourselves and extract the evil. Calling the powerful! You have the voice! Let’s seal them away!

No Kissin’ are an ensemble of theatre makers, musicians and visual artists. Their work is stamped with strong aesthetics – physical movement, striking design visuals and diverse music. Performances include the audience with a refreshing engagement – this is live performance, don’t forget it! Based in Cork, they have presented at festivals such as Cork Midsummer & Dublin Fringe.