Stuart Nielson: Creating Autism


Stuart Nielson: Creating Autism

Sat 9th Feb | 15:00 | St.Peters Church

Creating Autism is an exhibition of images and words by Stuart Neilson
exploring the processes that mould autistic identity and the portrayal
of autism in our shared language, media and public spaces. The
exhibition runs from 7th – 27th February 2019.

7 February – Creating Autism panel discussion
The panel discussion is facilitated by Tom Ryan (Counsellor, Aspect) and
features Megan Goodale (Occupational Therapy Manager, CUH), Gill Harold (Applied Social Studies, UCC), Katerina Karanika (Autism Consultant),
Danielle Sheehy (Artist) and Stuart Neilson (Lecturer and Writer).

9 February – Developing and expressing our identities
What is autistic identity? Two speakers, an artist and a special needs
educator, explore how we develop and express our identities (with a
question-and-answer session)

Danielle Sheehy (MFA Hdip Ed, Artist and Teacher) “Working with
autistic people to make art”

Katerina Karanika (MA, Autism Consultant) “Special Needs and the
formation of personal identity”

16 February – Finding our Spaces
How to do we share public spaces? Where are we comfortable, and why? Two speakers, one developing the Autism Friendly Hospital and the other
specializing in disability rights, explore how we find our own spaces in
the world (with a question-and-answer session at the end)

Megan Goodale (Occupational Therapy Manager, CUH) “Autism Friendly
Hospital initiative”

Gill Harold (PhD, Applied Social Studies, UCC) “How disability and
difference find spatial signatures”

Stuart Neilson lectures and writes about the autism spectrum as a health statistician and from his personal perspective of an Asperger syndrome diagnosis in 2009, at the age of 45. He was a founder member of the team that developed the innovative Diploma in Autism Studies at University College Cork, Ireland. He has a degree in computer science and a doctorate in mathematical modelling of inherent susceptibility to fatal disease. Stuart Neilson’s most recent publications include “Living with Asperger syndrome and Autism in Ireland”, “Painted Lorries of Pakistan” and a chapter on sensory issues and social inclusion in the anthology “Knowing Why: Adult-Diagnosed Autistic People on Life and Autism”.